The Cambridge companion to German idealism

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Autres auteurs : Ameriks Karl (Éditeur scientifique)
Format : Livre
Langue : anglais
Titre complet : The Cambridge companion to German idealism / edited by Karl Ameriks
Publié : Cambridge, U.K., New York : Cambridge University Press , 2000
Description matérielle : XIII-306 p.
Collection : Cambridge companions to philosophers
Contenu : Introduction : interpreting German Idealism / Karl Ameriks. The Enlightenment and idealism / Frederick Beiser. Absolute idealism and the rejection of Kantian dualism / Paul Guyer. Kant's practical philosophy / Allen W. Wood. The aesthetic holism of Hamann, Herder, and Schiller / Daniel O. Dahlstrom. All or nothing : systematicity and nihilism in Jacobi, Reinhold, and Maimon / Paul Franks. The early philosophy of Fichte and Schelling / Rolf-Peter Horstmann. Hölderlin and Novalis / Charles Larmore. Hegel's Phenomenology and Logic : an overview / Terry Pinkard. Hegel's practical philosophy : the realization of freedom / Robert Pippin. German realism : the self-limitation of idealist thinking in Fichte, Schelling, and Schopenhauer / Günter Zöller. Politics and the New Mythology : the turn to Late Romanticism / Dieter Sturma. German Idealism and the arts / Andrew Bowie. The legacy of idealism in the philosophy of Feuerbach, Marx, and Kierkegaard / Karl Ameriks
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