Epic singers and oral tradition

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Auteur principal : Lord Albert Bates (Auteur)
Format : Livre
Langue : anglais
Titre complet : Epic singers and oral tradition / Albert Bates Lord
Publié : Ithaca : Cornell University Press , 1991
Description matérielle : xii, 262 p.
Collection : Myth and poetics a series ed. by Gregory Nagy
Contenu : Words heard and words seen. Homer's originality : oral dictated texts. Homeric echoes in Bihać. Avdo Međedović, Guslar. Homer as an original-traditional poet. The Kalevala, the south Slavic epics, and Homer. Beowulf and Odysseus. Interlocking mythic patterns in Beowulf. The formulaic structure of introductions to direct discourse in Beowulf and Elene. The influence of a fixed text. Notes on Digenis Akritas and Serbo-Croatian epic. Narrative themes in Bulgarian oral-traditional epic and their medieval roots. Central Asiatic and Balkan epic
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