The pharmacology of monoclonal antibodies

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Autres auteurs : Rosenberg Martin (Éditeur scientifique), Moore Gordon P. (Éditeur scientifique)
Format : Livre
Langue : anglais
Titre complet : The pharmacology of monoclonal antibodies / eds. Martin Rosenberg and Gordon P. Moore
Publié : Berlin, New York : Springer , 1994
Description matérielle : 1 vol. (XXI-406 p.)
Collection : Handbook of experimental pharmacology ; 113
Titre de l'ensemble : Handbook of experimental pharmacology vol. 113
Contenu : Human monoclonal antibodies. Human monoclonal antibody technology / K. James. Recombinant therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies / J.W. Larrick, R. Balint. Transgenic approaches to human monoclonal antibodies / N. Lonberg. Genetically engineered monoclonal antibodies. Humanization of monoclonal antibodies / G.E. Mark, E.A. Padlan. Applications for Escherichia coli-derived humanized Fab' fragments: efficient construction of bispecific antibodies / P. Carter, M.L. Rodrigues, M.R. Shalaby. MAb conjugates and fusions. Immunotoxins / S.H. Pincus. Antibody-enzyme fusion proteins and bispecific antibodies / E. Haber. Three generations of recombinant CD4 molecules as anti-HIV reagents / A. Traunecker, K. Karjalainen. Combinatorial libraries. Chemical and biological approaches to catalytic antibodies / K.D. Janda, Y.-C. Jack Chen. Combinatorial approach to human antibodies / C.F. Barbas. Expression of MAbs/MAb fragments. Antibodies from Escherichia coli / A. Pluckthun. Structure, function and uses of antibodies from transgenic plants and animals / A. Hiatt, M. Hein
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