Miou-Miou in 2013 Sylvette Herry (born 22 February 1950), known professionally as Miou-Miou (), is a French actress. A ten-time César Award nominee, she won the César Award for Best Actress for the 1979 film ''Memoirs of a French Whore''. Her other films include ''This Sweet Sickness'' (1977), ''Entre Nous'' (1983), ''May Fools'' (1990), ''Germinal'' (1993), ''Dry Cleaning'' (1997) and ''Arrêtez-moi'' (2013). In her career she has worked with a number of international directors, including Michel Gondry, Bertrand Blier, Claude Berri, Jacques Deray, Patrice Leconte, Joseph Losey and Louis Malle. Provided by Wikipedia
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