The Routledge history of monarchy

"The Routledge History of Monarchy draws together current research across the field of royal studies, providing a rich understanding of the history of monarchy from a variety of geographical, cultural and temporal contexts. Opening up the discussion of important questions surrounding fundamenta...

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Autres auteurs : Woodacre Elena (Éditeur scientifique), Dean Lucinda H. S. (Éditeur scientifique), Jones Chris (Éditeur scientifique), Russell Martin E. (Éditeur scientifique), Rohr Zita Eva (Éditeur scientifique)
Format : Livre
Langue : anglais
Titre complet : The Routledge history of monarchy / edited by Elena Woodacre, Lucinda H.S. Dean, Chris Jones, Russell E. Martin and Zita Eva Rohr
Publié : Abingdon, Oxon, New York, NY : Routledge , 2019
Description matérielle : 1 vol. (xxiii-736 p.)
Collection : The Routledge histories (Print)
Contenu : Understanding the mechanisms of monarchy / Elena Woodacre. The "wise king" topos in context : royal literacy and political theology in medieval Western Europe (c.1000-1200) / Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez de la Peña. The biblical King Solomon in representations of Western European medieval royalty / Laura Fábián. Regal power and the royal family in a thirteenth-century Iberian legislative programme / Manuela Santos Silva. Personal union, composite monarchy, and "multiple rule" / Charlotte Backerra. Dynastic succession in an elective monarchy : the Habsburgs and the Holy Roman Empire / Matthias Schnettger. Dei gratia and the "divine right of kings" : divine legitimization or human humility? / Matthias Range. A case-study of pre-modern Islamic monarchy : the Almohad Caliphate of the Maghreb and al-Andalus in the 12th-13th centuries / Pascal Buresi. Contemporary kingship in Muslim Arab societies in comparative context / David Mednicoff. Faith, power and charity : personal religion and kingship in medieval England / Paul Webster. The nation as a ritual community : royal nation-building in imperial Japan and post-war Thailand / David Malitz. The nationalisation and mediatisation of European monarchies in times of sorrow : royal deaths and funerals in the second half of the nineteenth century / Christoph de Spiegeleer. A useless ceremony of some use : a comparative study of attitudes to coronations in Norway and Sweden in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / Trond Isaksen. Negotiating with the neighbours : kingship and diplomacy in Munhumutapa / Eugénia Rodrigues. Early modern monarchy and foreign travel / Philippa Woodcock. Kingship and masculinity in Renaissance Portugal (fifteenth and sixteenth centuries) / Hélder Carvalhal. Royal representation through the father and warrior figures in early modern Europe / Estelle Paranque. Chasing St. Louis : the English monarchy's pursuit of sainthood / Anna Duch. Raising royal bodies : Stuart authority and the monumental image / Catriona Murray. In pursuit of social allies : royal residences and political legitimacy in post-revolutionary Europe, 1804-1830 / Mikolaj Getka-Kenig. Clothing royal bodies : changing attitudes to royal dress and appearance from the Middle Ages to modernity / Benjamin Wild. Anticipatory association of the heir in early modern Russia : primogeniture and succession in Russia's ruling dynasties / Russell E. Martin. From a Salic law to the Salic law : the creation and re-creation of the royal succession system of medieval France / Derek Whaley. A family affair : cultural anxiety, political debate and the nature of monarchy in seventeenth-century France and Britain / Jonathan Spangler. What's in a name? Dynasty, succession and England's queens regnant (1553-2016) / Sarah Betts. Female pharaohs in ancient Egypt / Aidan Norrie. Neither heir nor spare : childless queens and the practice of monarchy in pre-modern Europe / Theresa Earenfight & Kristen Geaman. Harem politics : royal women and succession crises in the ancient Near East (c. 1400-300 BCE) / Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones. Child kings and guardianship in North-Western Europe c. 1050-c. 1250 / Emily Joan Ward. Creating chiefs and queen mothers in Ghana : obstacles and opportunities / Beverly J. Stoeltje. Deposition of of monarchs in Northern Kingdoms, 1300-1700 / Cathleen Sarti. Male consorts and royal authority in the Crusader States / Stephen Donnachie. Kings and nobles on the fringe of Christendom : a comparative perspective on monarchy and aristocracy in the European Middle Ages / Kim Bergqvist. For better or for worse : royal marital sexuality as political critique in late medieval Europe / Henric Bagerius and Christine Ekholst. The Tudor monarchy of counsel and the growth of reason of state / Joanne Paul with Valerie Schutte. Ruling emotions : affective and emotional strategies of power and authority among early modern European monarchies / Susan Broomhall. From galanterie to scandal : the sexuality of the king from Louis XIV to XVI / Chad Denton. Queen Min, foreign policy, and the role of female leadership in late nineteenth-century Korea / Frank Jacob
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