Leibniz on the problem of evil

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Détails bibliographiques
Auteur principal : Rateau Paul (Auteur)
Format : Livre
Langue : anglais
Titre complet : Leibniz on the problem of evil / Paul Rateau
Publié : New York : Oxford University Press , 2019
Description matérielle : 1 vol. (384 p.)
Sujets :
  • Introduction
  • Difficulties concerning the justification of God in the years prior to 1673
  • The "Confession of a Philosopher" : divine justice and the necessity of sin
  • Theoretical changes after the "Confession of a philosopher" : toward a new conception of God, the Possible, and Divine Concurrence with Evil
  • The genesis of theodicy : its scientific and apologetic aims
  • The best of all possible worlds and divine permission of Evil
  • Evil in being and in the actions of creatures : reality or appareance ?
  • Human freedom and principles of action
  • Conclusion