Authority and the individual

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Collectivité auteur : Harvard tercentenary conference of arts and sciences Cambridge, Mass. 1936
Format : Livre
Langue : anglais
Titre complet : Authority and the individual / @Harvard tercentenary conference of arts and sciences
Publié : Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard university press , 1937
Description matérielle : x, 371 p.
Collection : Harvard tercentenary publications
Contenu : I. The state and economic enterprise: Intelligence and the guidance of economic evolution, by W. C. Mitchell. The state and economic fluctuation, by D. H. Robertson. The state and the entrepreneur, by D. B. Copland. Economic nationalism, by W. E. Rappard. II. Stability and social change: Conservative factors in recent British history, by J. H. Clapham. The historical pattern of social change, by R. M. MacIver. Conservative factors in early colonial history, by C. M. Andrews. Authority and social change, by John Dewey. III. The place and functions of authority: The Constitution as instrument and as symbol, by E. S. Corwin. Centralization and decentralization, by Hans Kelsen. The problem of authority and the crisis of the Greek spirit, by Werner Jaeger. Authority and the individual during the different stages of the evolution of nations, by Corrado Gini. IV. Classicism and romanticism: Klassizismus, romantizismus und historisches denken im 18. jahrhundert, by Friedrich Meinecke. Un romantique de 1730: l'abbé Prévost, by Paul Hazard. The drift to liberalism in the American eighteenth century, by H. M. Jones. The historical approach to music, by E. J. Dent

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